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code size content/carton dimension(WxLxH cm.) GR.WT./CTN. (Kg)
6711 50 g 72 25.3x28.2x16.8 4.65
6714 400 g 12 28.4x37.8x10.8 5.65
6715 1 kg 12 25.2x37.0x25.7 13.45
Directions : This paste is an easy way to cook an authentic Thai Green Curry (Gaeng Kiew Wan). Just add coconut milk, fried tofu or wheat cake, desired vegetables (young aubergine, pea aubergine, bamboo shoots shoots, peppers, etc.) and season according to taste. This is a popular curry served with rice, roti, spaghetti, somen or roung rice noodles.