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code size content/carton dimension(WxLxH cm.) GR.WT./CTN. (Kg)
3611 50 g 72 25.3x28.2x16.8 4.65
3615 400 g 12 28.4x37.8x10.8 5.65
3616 1 kg 12 25.2x37.0x25.7 13.45
Directions : This paste is an easy way to cook Hot and Sour Curry (Gaeng Som). Just add the paste to boiling water, add seafood of your choice (prawns or deep fried fish), desired vegetables (chinese cabbage, green beans, carrots, mouli, water mimosa, dok kae flower, cauliflower, green papaya, etc.), and season with tamarind juice, palm sugar and fish sauce.